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1 Visionary's Corner :) on Wed Oct 14, 2009 8:04 am

Since there is no topic related to anything in this section, I've decided to break the ice a little and start a subject on projects and architectural designs. Wink So tell me forum, what have you been working on lately? Rolling Eyes (It would be useful to post some pictures, screens, CAD/SketchUp/Revit models for everyone to see!)(you don't need to study at VIA/be an architect/all that stuff to post in this topic) It's open to everyone!

This isn't just about your own designs! You can also post some pictures of already existing stuff... like interior design or real buildings out there (regardless of age and style) you find interesting/pleasant to look at... real architecture! Smile Please don't limit the topic to what I've written... you can also add stuff/pictures of fictional architecture (SciFi/futuristic looking projects, interesting stuff you've encountered in games/movies/magazines) just about anything related to this subject that looks good and possess a possible inspiration source. (good documentaries?)

I would also ask of you to share your thoughts on useful software or "hardware" (tools, instruments) that architects use. (I know I know... a compass or CAD programs and all that... but not the boring/popular/basic ones... just the little things and apps you found useful). I believe they would be of great help to all of us who study architecture at VIA! study ) Very Happy

Let the ideas pour in! cheers cheers cheers

P.S. Here are some pictures of buildings I found interesting:
The Modnadok Block - the world's first skyscraper!

The Hallgrimskirkja in Reykjavik - non conventional looking church - beautiful!

The Dynamic Tower in Dubai - still in project phase if I recall correctly... but it's Dubai Smile you never know...

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haha,everyone has their choice whether joining together or not.

we are not greedy people, so we are trying to share with others in this platform : )

anyway, we will promote this web again and again, we never give up.

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