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55Dkk buffet

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1 55Dkk buffet on Tue Aug 25, 2009 12:51 pm


55 Dkk buffet.

not bad, but without drinks in this price.

anybody interest about that ?

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2 ic-i know where it is- on Wed Aug 26, 2009 12:48 pm


next to the threater- 55 dkkonly lunch time

3 Re: 55Dkk buffet on Fri Sep 04, 2009 8:58 am

ic wrote:next to the threater- 55 dkkonly lunch time

Is there more information? So next to the theater there is a buffet that is open at lunch time and cost 55dkk? Can you take any amount of food?

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4 yes 55 dkk pnly. on Sun Sep 06, 2009 5:39 am


buffet. you can eat how much you want.

If you like to have a competition on eating with your friend, it is a good idea.

they also offer oragne and other fruit.

so u no need to order a chemcial drinks, like coca/cola.


By the way, we would like to ask the boss to decrease the price of the buffet for all via student.

it depends how many people using this page, and we can bargin on this issue while it is time.

5 Re: 55Dkk buffet on Sun Sep 06, 2009 5:49 am

What is the address exactly. Is it open in the weekends. It would mean we would have to leave the University to eat there so it need to be worth it. Smile

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6 the address on Tue Sep 08, 2009 1:17 pm

the addr

the address is difficult, cos, it is like inside a circle of a street.

it;s next to

i can show u before u go there. tell me which classroom u are and i come to say hello to you. : )

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