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1st Round Meeting 2011

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1 1st Round Meeting 2011 on Mon Mar 07, 2011 7:24 am


Please leave your email here, if u like to join the 1st Round Forum Meeting. (Specialized for new students, and talents who like to create good organization to help each other in the issue of future career path, part time job in Horsens, transportation sharing, etc ...)

The meeting will probably have snack and indoor activity for everyone.

You can also be the decision maker for this organization.

(The snack is free of charge, while u only buy drinks u need)

The date will be in the middle of March.

The place have already booked b our sponser. So it is no problem for us to have a meeting place.

After our formal meeting, all talents can stay in the booking place for fun, if u like to dance or having a smoke / drink party there.

However, in the begining, we like to make an environment that is more formal for the above topics discussing, so, no cigereate in the begining. Thanks.

as the school mail system block everything easily, please help us to forward this message (page) to your class in your way.


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