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Sunday Gathering and/or Sunday Dating

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1 Sunday Gathering and/or Sunday Dating on Wed Jan 27, 2010 2:36 am

GTR 35

We plan to have the new meeting with all students who interested about having meaningful activity together, so it is possible to have these kind of meeting:-

1) Sunday Gathering

Buffet + Activity + Making new friends + Planning New activity for next year (Any kind of activity, no limitation, not only for drinking, but something that is profitable or meaningful)

2) Sunday Dating

Buffet +

Students like to meet more friends from other faculty, or even more to have a girlfriend or boyfriend from the other friend's group. So it is good if u like to join.

-We have already found a resturant for this purpose, so, it depends on u like to join or not.

-Also, there is some opportunity to have some career offers to some people, if u interest about language teaching. I will explain it more when we meet in the resturant.

Apply or interest ?
If u have any comment on these meeting, just leave a message here, so that we can count how many people like to join. Or u can leave a message about your suggestion.

Anway, we hope we can have a meaningful new semester.

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