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A typical meal - Filipino cuisine

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1 A typical meal - Filipino cuisine on Thu Nov 05, 2009 10:47 pm

Filipino cuisine is distinguished by its bold combination of sweet, sour and salty flavors,
and in general most dishes are not heavily spiced. While other Asian cuisines (e.g., Cantonese)
may be known for a more subtle delivery and presentation, Filipino palates prefer a sudden influx
of flavor. Filipino cuisine is often delivered in a single presentation, giving the participant a
simultaneous visual feast, an aromatic bouquet, and a gustatory delight.

Counterpoint is also a feature in Philippine cuisine. This normally comes in a pairing of
something sweet with something salty, and results in surprisingly pleasing combinations. Examples
include: champorado (a sweet cocoa rice porridge), being paired with tuyo (salted, sun-dried
fish); dinuguan (a savory stew made of pig's blood and innards), paired with puto (sweet, steamed
rice cakes); unripe fruits such as mangoes (which are only slightly sweet but very sour), are
eaten dipped in salt; the use of cheese (which is salty) in sweetcakes (such as bibingka and
puto), as well as an ice cream flavoring.

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